Thursday, February 5, 2009


After numerous phone calls over the past several days, we finally have an appointment set for Carlene's pre-op. We will be going down to meet with the surgeon on Tuesday 2/10 @ 10:30. I am not sure what the hang up has been, but somehow she had been "misplaced" in a huge system and the surgery orders were never placed. Now that we got to the bottom of that, the ball is rolling again and we are on our way!

I can eat OREOS today. On the fifth of every month, I will treat my self and eat 3-4 oreos. They are my absolute favorite cookie and this time there double stuff. :) I never realized how much stuff has sugar in it. I'm doing okay with out all that tastey stuff because I no longer crave an ice cold cola in a can... but it would be really good!!! I just want to say thanks to everyone for there support. Thanks Racketteers, You all are awesome and I love you. Thanks Rohaleys, you rock and of course I love you!!! And I thank God for blessing me with all of you.


  1. What a spartan you are, Carlene! And always smiling! This is good. Just remember that no matter what happens to you, God will never give you more than you can handle. (Remind your Mom of that too, OK?)

    Also I wanted to give you Ed's and my personal website address. There's things to do there. Lots of stuff to read. Several games to play and videos to connect to...I thought you might like to peruse it. I add stuff all the time so keep checking back!

    love ya,
    Leslie and Ed

    PS Do you know what a spartan is?
    Pronunciation [spahr-tn] - brave; undaunted.

  2. Oreos are one of my all time favorites too! Dunked in milk? Pappap taught me how to dunk oreos and graham crackers : )

    Ice cold cola in a can makes me feel like I'm dribbling. At least since I had my wisdom teeth out and it damaged a nerve. Now I like ice cold cola over pellet ice - but I usually just go for the straight pellet ice instead. I love pellet ice like Sonic has.

    Our prayers are with you. I'm glad your Mom got to the bottom of the problem and got you "found" again : ) She's good at that!

    Aunt Laralee, et. al............

  3. Hey there,

    I heard that you were charged with figuring out my color coding system for my Jane Eyre book. But it would be impossible, because there isn't one:) You may have to read it a couple of times to catch everything in it. It's a very interwoven book. Just thought I'd save you a little frustration and time. I hope you like it. It's one of my favorites,(if you couldn't tell.)

    Love ya,