Monday, March 28, 2011

Adventures at Children's Hospital

Today was supposed to be just an easy uneventful day at CHLA..but of course uneventful days just don't happen down there. Instead when I was recieving the IV contrast for my CT scan something happened with inside with my vein so all the contrast swelled up in the upper portion of my left arm instead of traveling throughout my body. When the nurses noticed this they immediatly rushed me out of the CT and began asking "does your arm hurt?" "can you feel your fingers?" I could feel my fingers and I had no just felt very funny and it was huge!!! They made me stay there for an hour...monitering me and seeing if the swelling would go down with a cold pack or if I experienced any loss of feeling or pain. After an hour, it was about the same and I could still feel my fingers and had no they let me go saying that they have no idea when the swelling will go down. Then after that ordeal I had to have blood drawn still (since they really couldn't do anything with the other IV) and that was another 30 minute wait. When they finally took me back into the room I showed the lady the 2 veins that I had put the numbing cream on and she said "oh well its a tiny needle" and poked me in the vein that was NOT numb. I was sooo mad I didnt even cry!!!! Finally, my mom and I went and got lunch and then got Rite Aid ice cream....the best ice cream!!! We then returned to the hospital to meet with Gaynon...which was pointless because the scan was no good because there was no contrast!!! So instead of rescheduling to redo it he just scheduled my next 6 mth check I am taking no news as good news!!! So even though today was interesting to say the least...I still feel very blessed to be in really makes me thank God when I see all those children and their families going through a much harder time than I did...I am soooooo Blessed!! -Carlene -I hope the swelling in my arm goes down soon...its not painful- just annoying

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Desserts :] since I am a huge dessert fanatic, I decided to create a blog for all things dessert. So please check out
My Gaynon appt. is in 6 days....I just hope that it goes quickly and we leave with good news :]

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength!


Hope you had a good and green-filled St. Patricks Day :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My 18th Birthday!!!

So this past Saturday the 5th was my 18th birthday!!! It was a super fun day!!! My family surprised my by taking me to the Magic Castle (a huge old mansion where magicians put on shows). All the acts were absolutely amazing..
For my birthday I decided to cut my wasn't long enough to donate but I just wanted it short..not as short as my buzz cut but short and off my neck :)
My CHLA appt. is 3 weeks away...and it is going to be an extremely looonnngggg day with my CT Scan at 930 am and then I meet with Gaynon at 230pm...I guess we will have to find something to do with all that down time..maybe we'll act like crazy LA tourists for a day :D