Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My 18th Birthday!!!

So this past Saturday the 5th was my 18th birthday!!! It was a super fun day!!! My family surprised my by taking me to the Magic Castle (a huge old mansion where magicians put on shows). All the acts were absolutely amazing..
For my birthday I decided to cut my hair..it wasn't long enough to donate but I just wanted it short..not as short as my buzz cut but short and off my neck :)
My CHLA appt. is 3 weeks away...and it is going to be an extremely looonnngggg day with my CT Scan at 930 am and then I meet with Gaynon at 230pm...I guess we will have to find something to do with all that down time..maybe we'll act like crazy LA tourists for a day :D


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  1. Happy Birthday Carlene!!!!! Galilee's birthday is tomorrow. Harrison does not want to believe that she is turning 12 :) Jackson and Harrison say hello:)
    Happy Birthday!

    With love,