Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Finally Going Home!

Carlene is drinking now and just told the doctor she wants to go home!!! They are scheduling a nurse to come to the house to check in on her and do her blood draws. Yea...less trips to town. We have even been told that she could receive her day 8 chemo in our regular doctors office (if they know how to access her port and are willing). Dr. Bakhaya, are you reading this???

Monday, March 30, 2009

Still Here =(

Got any red Dorothy slippers? Carlene was given the option to go home today, but was still feeling too icky to wanna go home. She is nausea free, but not eating and drinking enough. She is no longer tethered to her IV pole, so trips to the bathroom are much easier now! Doctor said that it is not the food that concerns him, but the lack of liquids. Her blood sugar levels are now within normal limits, but it will be something to keep an eye on. Since today marked the end to the weekend and a new week beginning, we were bombarded with services. Mark and I attended a new diagnosis parent training, met with her social worker and her care coordinator, and was visited by a family liaison with the Michael Hoefflin Foundation for children's cancer.

We just said good bye to Michelle, our nurse we have had for the past 3 days. Michelle had an ease about her that really helped Carlene endure her first chemo experience. She is one of those people that you you feel like you have known forever...in her "dramatic" way =) Thank you Michelle...you know just how frustrated we have been and you really helped us all more that you know!!!

Tutu and Grandpa brought Alyna down to the hospital today. It sure was wonderful to get one of her sugar hugs! I missed them these past few days. It was of course nice to also see T & G =)

Tonight Carlene is feeling a little better and is trying to eat and drink. Hopefully we will get to go home tomorrow.


If she was to eat and drink we could go home, but so far today she has had a handful of Fruit Loops, a few sips of Gatorade, and about 2 oz of OJ...we have discharge approval, but she has to meet her end of the bargain. They are going to remove the IV to see if that will force her to feel thirsty and want to drink.

Nausea Under Control

We have been able to get her nausea under control. The new med seemed to do the trick. She slept all night with only a few restroom trips. She has kept down orange juice as well through out the evening. Hopefully she will be able to tolerate food come breakfast time.

Wish I could say that I have slept...we had some extremely rude nurses on duty tonight. At 3 AM it sounded as if we were at a party in the park! They had popped popcorn, which could be smelled throughout the floor, and were laughing and carrying on. I could not imagine being in a room next to the station. We are down the hall a few rooms and it sounded like they were right next door. At 4:00 I finally went the to wing next to us and complained. After I heard the phone ring they were quiet and respectful, however, the damage had been done...my sleep had been disturbed and falling back to slumber just was not happening. Sure wish I could have had some of Carlene's Benadryl =)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Resting now

The second round of chemo hit harder than the first, so the anti-nausea meds have been changed and the benedryl doubled. She is finally resting and will hopefully sleep awhile. If she gets over the nausea and can eat/drink she will be discharged tomorrow. They are currently also watching her blood sugar because she has been running high the last few lab draws. She was taken off of the glucose drip and put on saline drip instead, but her sugar level stayed high. Tomorrow morning they will retest. Since we have diabetes in our family, this is a concern and something to keep an eye on. Hopefully tonight will include a little rest, as last night had little to none.

Day 2 Chemo

Carlene has 2 new best friends, and she calls them...Morphine and Phenergan (sorry Heather...you have dropped to #3, but still top of the list=). Phenergan has beat out Morphine today as the pain from surgery is gone now and she does not need the Morphine anymore. The Phenergan eases the nausea but does not take it away. She just got her 2nd round of chemo and we will see if she tolerates it any better. There is another anti-nausea medication they can try if needed, but the Phenergan seems to be doing it's job today.

Chemo Started

Chemo began at 4:00 pm yesterday (Sat). It has hit her quite hard. The nausea set in around 9:00 last night and they have tried 3 different nausea medicines, but they do not seem to be getting her over that first hump of day 1 treatment. She has stopped eating and drinking, so they are planning on keeping her over night again instead of getting to go home...but that is just fine since I really do not want to take her home until she is stable. She will have the day 2 chemo today at 4:00.

Heather, Kathy, and Chris Londergan came to visit this morning...unfortunately, Carlene was sleepy from the meds and did not get to really visit with her much. However, they brought her a posterboard card from everyone at the gymkhana yesterday, silk flowers, and photos from yesterday. To honor Carlene they asked everyone to wear green, purple, or orange yesterday (lime green=Hodgkins/ lavender=lymphoma /orange=Carlene's favorite color) At the gymkhana everyone entered the arena and released purple & green balloons.

Thank you to everyone for remembering Carlene during her absence from the gymkhana. She was very upset when she could not be there so everything you did to "have" her there was very touching!

Friday, March 27, 2009

No Bone Marrow Test Needed

It took a week to get the Pet Scan results...no bone marrow test is needed which means that the largest mass is smaller than 6 cm. We will be meeting with the doctor today to finalize the treatment plan.

Carlene is scheduled to have surgery today to put in the port-a-cath and then start chemo either today or tomorrow, however, last night she came down with a fever so we will have to wait and see what the doctors decide.

The last couple of days have been quite eventful, but our internet was down so we could not blog for you...sorry.

On Wednesday, Carlene decided to have her hair shaved off. The thought of having it fall out was not inviting, so she took the proactive approach and donated her hair to Locks of Love and then with a smile on her face, had her head shaved. She looks adorable (photos to come). Then she spent the day with her best friend & supporter, Heather, who then spent the night.

Thursday brought more adventure, what day doesn't in our home? The turkeys the girls are raising for the fair arrived via mail. We got them set up in their new home, packed our bags for our weekend stay at the hospital, then headed to the mall for a small shopping spree with Carlene's best friends, Heather and Ashley, where Carlene spent her report card allowance from her dad. After taking her friends home, we headed for the Ronald McDonald house where we will be staying during her hospitalization. This is when the chills set in and the fever began. We are not sure what her temperature was since we were away from home without a thermometer, but with her chills and warm cheeks I can safely assume a fever was present. During dinner, we received a phone call from our neighbors, who are so kindly taking care of our farm animals, to tell us that our doe had 2 babies. They looked wet and they thought that they might be new additions that we might not be aware of yet. Assumption correct. When we left home at noon, she was still prancing around with her huge, uncomfortable looking belly. We are anxious to get home and see them!

This morning, Carlene feels cool and says she feels fine. We will head over to the hospital at 10:30 and find out if she is OK for surgery and chemo. Carlene is kind of wishing to be sent home, because that would mean that she would be able to attend the gymkhana tomorrow=) She has said all along that nothing would keep her from her queen duties...hmmm...is she faking a fever???? Just kidding =D

Friday, March 20, 2009

Chemo Finally!!

Depending on the PET results, I might have to have a bone marrow test, next Friday, and when they do that they will just put my port in at the same time. Then they would admit me into the hospital and begin chemo over the weekend. Since its my first treatment I have to stay 2-3 days to see how I react. If they don't have to do the bone marrow test than I will have my port put in up here on Monday and try to begin chemo sooner in the week because I have my first gymkhana flag run on Saturday. I would be very sad to miss it:( I will let you all know when I know what's going on.


I'm sorry I thought that I had posted a blog about my PET a few days ago but our internet has been giving us lots of problems. So today was my PET Scan and it went really well. I had to stop eating at midnight so last night at 11:30 I ate waffles:) After my Pet Scan I ate a foot long subway sandwich, it was so yummy. I am not sure when we will have results from it though.
I would like to send a HUGE thank you to the Beery Family, especially Jacque because I have received so many wonderful handmade cards from all over the country and I love them all!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

More photos

Rodeo Photos

Thanks to Mrs. L I enjoyed cake on my face...one of her many birthday victims! I thought I was safe being at a rodeo and all.

It was a great day!!!

for more information regarding youth rodeo check out the website at:


Friday, March 6, 2009

Day after my Birthday!!!

My birthday was sooo awesome. My mommy and I hung out all day. She took me out to breakfast and then to a massage. It was awesome. I also bought some wigs. They are so cool. When we find the camera cord, we'll download pictures:) Then Alyna and I saw bridewars. For dinner we ate STEAK, my favorite. After presents I had my oreo cake with extra oreos. It was sooooo delicious. So, I had a fantastic birthday!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Birthday!!!

I totally forgot to say that its less than 1 day till I'm 16. I am soo excited. The doctors were all asking what kind of car I wanted :) By the way I want a lime green beetle. Since tomorrow is the 5th I get to have my favorite.... Oreos. WooHoo I cant wait. I just finished watching American Idol and now I'm gonna go to sleep. I'll keep ya'll posted!!!

After my Surgery

It is now 6:30 at night and I am home and getting ready to eat some soup. The surgery went really well. The lymphode is usable so I don't have to do this again. I wasn't even "loopy" when I woke up, just a little sleepy. We also saw Dr.Gaynon, the oncologist, and he said I have to have another PETScan and other tests for my heart and lungs. Then I can finally start my chemo. I was asked before "what is a PETScan"... it is like a CATScan because I drink contrast and I have an I.V but I am also radioactive afterwards. The machine is a giant donut. The first time I have chemo I will have to stay in the hospital for 2-3 days so the doctors can help us learn about the side affects so when I am home it will be okay. I will also probably get a pickline (i think thats what its called) in my arm so I don't have to get poked with needles everytime. The doctor also said I will definetly loose my hair in 1-3 weeks after I start chemo, so I guess I'll wear hats:) I am very glad that we are finally getting somewhere. Thank you soo much for all your support. God has blessed me with all of you and I thank Him very much.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Surgery Tomorrow

Tonight I am staying in another hotel because I have to be at the hospital at 5:30 am. I am the first surgery of the day at 7:30am. I am just glad I actually have something to do instead of just waiting. I hope this biopsy works and they don't have to do it again. Last Sunday, was the first youth rodeo of the year and I was so excited to be able to compete. I had so much fun. Levi and I placed in every event. For dinner tonight I ate at the best restaurant ever, Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. It was the best food in the world!!! I have only 1 day left until my birthday. I don't think I can wait that long :) I know I haven't blogged in a while but I haven't had anything else to write about. I have just been working on alot of my schoolwork. Thank you guys so much for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.