Friday, March 27, 2009

No Bone Marrow Test Needed

It took a week to get the Pet Scan bone marrow test is needed which means that the largest mass is smaller than 6 cm. We will be meeting with the doctor today to finalize the treatment plan.

Carlene is scheduled to have surgery today to put in the port-a-cath and then start chemo either today or tomorrow, however, last night she came down with a fever so we will have to wait and see what the doctors decide.

The last couple of days have been quite eventful, but our internet was down so we could not blog for you...sorry.

On Wednesday, Carlene decided to have her hair shaved off. The thought of having it fall out was not inviting, so she took the proactive approach and donated her hair to Locks of Love and then with a smile on her face, had her head shaved. She looks adorable (photos to come). Then she spent the day with her best friend & supporter, Heather, who then spent the night.

Thursday brought more adventure, what day doesn't in our home? The turkeys the girls are raising for the fair arrived via mail. We got them set up in their new home, packed our bags for our weekend stay at the hospital, then headed to the mall for a small shopping spree with Carlene's best friends, Heather and Ashley, where Carlene spent her report card allowance from her dad. After taking her friends home, we headed for the Ronald McDonald house where we will be staying during her hospitalization. This is when the chills set in and the fever began. We are not sure what her temperature was since we were away from home without a thermometer, but with her chills and warm cheeks I can safely assume a fever was present. During dinner, we received a phone call from our neighbors, who are so kindly taking care of our farm animals, to tell us that our doe had 2 babies. They looked wet and they thought that they might be new additions that we might not be aware of yet. Assumption correct. When we left home at noon, she was still prancing around with her huge, uncomfortable looking belly. We are anxious to get home and see them!

This morning, Carlene feels cool and says she feels fine. We will head over to the hospital at 10:30 and find out if she is OK for surgery and chemo. Carlene is kind of wishing to be sent home, because that would mean that she would be able to attend the gymkhana tomorrow=) She has said all along that nothing would keep her from her queen she faking a fever???? Just kidding =D


  1. We had two baby goats born yesterday too : )

    We also have new turkeys, but they are full grown raised by a 4-Her for show. These are the last ones that almost made it to the show. We're in the process of butchering them 2 at a time. Three of the toms were between 40-50 lbs!

    I'm so glad that you're bone marrow test was not needed!

    Our prayers are with you and pray that if the Lord wills that you will be able to be at your gymkhana event.

    Aunt Laralee
    Recording the Faithfulness and Provision of God for Future Generations

  2. Carlene I am so jealous that you will be the coolest this summer. I would love to shave my head then no more hair trouble but Mark said divorce if i did. hahaha. Conrats on the babies mine are still not here yet.

    Markie said he misses you girls alot and to eat lots of ice cream . I tried to tell him you couldn't have it but he said to tell your mommy it fixes everything.

    Babe, our prayers are with you and all the family. Keep tht beautiful head held high. we love you guys.

  3. YEAH! I can't wait to see the baby goats! Gee, you should have kept up the fever so we can go to the gymkhana!! LOL

    I love you! Good luck with everything,
    (your fav sis) JK