Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chemo Started

Chemo began at 4:00 pm yesterday (Sat). It has hit her quite hard. The nausea set in around 9:00 last night and they have tried 3 different nausea medicines, but they do not seem to be getting her over that first hump of day 1 treatment. She has stopped eating and drinking, so they are planning on keeping her over night again instead of getting to go home...but that is just fine since I really do not want to take her home until she is stable. She will have the day 2 chemo today at 4:00.

Heather, Kathy, and Chris Londergan came to visit this morning...unfortunately, Carlene was sleepy from the meds and did not get to really visit with her much. However, they brought her a posterboard card from everyone at the gymkhana yesterday, silk flowers, and photos from yesterday. To honor Carlene they asked everyone to wear green, purple, or orange yesterday (lime green=Hodgkins/ lavender=lymphoma /orange=Carlene's favorite color) At the gymkhana everyone entered the arena and released purple & green balloons.

Thank you to everyone for remembering Carlene during her absence from the gymkhana. She was very upset when she could not be there so everything you did to "have" her there was very touching!


  1. Keep reminding her to smile! It may not make her feel good, but it'll make her feel better!


    Leslie and Ed

  2. Thanks for keeping all of us posted....prayers are with her!