Monday, March 30, 2009

Nausea Under Control

We have been able to get her nausea under control. The new med seemed to do the trick. She slept all night with only a few restroom trips. She has kept down orange juice as well through out the evening. Hopefully she will be able to tolerate food come breakfast time.

Wish I could say that I have slept...we had some extremely rude nurses on duty tonight. At 3 AM it sounded as if we were at a party in the park! They had popped popcorn, which could be smelled throughout the floor, and were laughing and carrying on. I could not imagine being in a room next to the station. We are down the hall a few rooms and it sounded like they were right next door. At 4:00 I finally went the to wing next to us and complained. After I heard the phone ring they were quiet and respectful, however, the damage had been sleep had been disturbed and falling back to slumber just was not happening. Sure wish I could have had some of Carlene's Benadryl =)


  1. popcorn and nausea don't mix. hope all gets better. Grampa

  2. Ooh sorry Mom. Hope you can catch a few extra winks throughout the day. Thank you for keeping us posted as often as you have. Wish I could be there with you guys. Love you.