Saturday, August 29, 2009

School Again... and fair time

My first day of school was on August 10th, and it was amazing!!!! I hardly slept the night before because i was so excited to see everybody again. For the first week I had 6 classes but then I switched to only I leave at lunch time. Oli and Alicia have only 4 classes also. On September 2nd we will start going over to Saddle Up Theraputic Riding Center after school to volunteer for credits.
Fair went really well and we all did really great. I was unable to show my lamb or goat because I was to exhausted so my sisters showed them for me. I was able to show my pig though and she got first in her class. This year was my first year that I didn't compete in showmanship. Overall fair was amazing and I cant wait to get my check!!!! :)


Monday, August 3, 2009

Hats Approved

After having the VP tell us "No" to the chemo hats and having the secretary for the principal say it would not be fair to the other students, my mom sent an email to the district superintendent before our appointment to meet with the principal. It was obvious that the superintendent had paved the path because the principal had absolutely no problem and never even questioned the request. It was a nice surprise. When we got home from the appt we had an email from the superintendents office saying that we were to contact them if we had any further problems and thanked us for bringing it to his attention.