Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rodeo Photos

Thanks to Mrs. L I enjoyed cake on my of her many birthday victims! I thought I was safe being at a rodeo and all.

It was a great day!!!

for more information regarding youth rodeo check out the website at:


  1. Hi Carlene,
    My cousin, John Kennedy, was a Highway Patroler with your granddad years ago. He is an old, Arizona cowboy.
    I live in Vermont on Lake Champlain. I ski in the winter,cycle in the summer and travel in the shoulder seasons. I have two married daughters and 3,little,grandchildren. I love horses and learned to ride bareback as a child when I was visiting my cousins in AZ.
    I admire your spunky attitude. I recommend the distance bicycle rider, Lance Armstrong's book as he has a fighting attitude like you.
    You are fortunate to be surrounded by such strong support.
    Good luck!
    Jean Rook

  2. Hey Carlene, I hope that you are feeling much better and I feel very bad for you. You are the last person in the whole world that deserves cancer. Well, nobody does but a person like you suffering it, is just not fair. I hope that you will be at the march gymkhana, and I hope that yopu will be able to do your queen wave and flag run. I hope to see you soon and miss you lots!
    Feel Better!
    Rachel Turman