Monday, March 30, 2009

Still Here =(

Got any red Dorothy slippers? Carlene was given the option to go home today, but was still feeling too icky to wanna go home. She is nausea free, but not eating and drinking enough. She is no longer tethered to her IV pole, so trips to the bathroom are much easier now! Doctor said that it is not the food that concerns him, but the lack of liquids. Her blood sugar levels are now within normal limits, but it will be something to keep an eye on. Since today marked the end to the weekend and a new week beginning, we were bombarded with services. Mark and I attended a new diagnosis parent training, met with her social worker and her care coordinator, and was visited by a family liaison with the Michael Hoefflin Foundation for children's cancer.

We just said good bye to Michelle, our nurse we have had for the past 3 days. Michelle had an ease about her that really helped Carlene endure her first chemo experience. She is one of those people that you you feel like you have known her "dramatic" way =) Thank you know just how frustrated we have been and you really helped us all more that you know!!!

Tutu and Grandpa brought Alyna down to the hospital today. It sure was wonderful to get one of her sugar hugs! I missed them these past few days. It was of course nice to also see T & G =)

Tonight Carlene is feeling a little better and is trying to eat and drink. Hopefully we will get to go home tomorrow.

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