Monday, May 18, 2009

Chemo Completed!!!

Today was the final day of chemo! All 3 rounds are now a thing of the past in this journey. Carlene has done remarkable throughout this entire process and has kept that beautiful smile beaming every day (well maybe not the couple of puke days during round 1)!

Yesterday was a gymkhana and she was determined to be there even though she had little strength. With the generous help of many she was able to complete her queen wave...instead of riding her horse, Levi, she rode in the back of Jason & Tania Williams 4-wheeled mule. They had it decorated beautifully with a bale in the back that had an American flag horse blanket and and American flag stuck in it as well! Jason even said he had washed the mule the day before for his "girl". After that wave around the arena she mounted Levi, with the help of many, and walked the American flag around the arena. Not the flag run she would have liked to have done, but she was so excited to be able to be there! She looked absolutely beautiful in her red, white, and blue LV queen chaps and that never ending smile! She was quite concerned that her hat & crown was going to fall off-wig and all-but they all stayed put! In July, she will have to wear toupe tape to hold on everything, because I can bet she will be flying around that arena just like bombs bursting in air! We will post pictures soon=) In the meantime, check out to view the gymkhana website.

This week will be a better week, still will be weak and tired from today's chemo, but next week she will be back to full energy and ready for a 2 day rodeo on the 30th & 31st! Her next PET scan is scheduled for June 1st then radiation should begin soon after.


  1. OMG where is this rodeo? I'll be in Lancaster that weekend....I think. Glad chemo is done. You are the strongest 16-year-old I know 'Lil Sis. Love you tons.

  2. I am so glad you are done with your chemo. I hope that you are stay healthy and I wish you the best of luck with your rodeo. I hope that I don't have to seen you sick at children's any time soon. Much Love and positive thoughts.

  3. My Wife and I are looking forward to updates, and photos from that rodeo!:) I'm an old horse guy from way back (rasied them as a child) so, your stock (no pun intended) went up when you mentioned horses! We're also glad to see things are going well with your treatment! It's only downhill from here! We check here often so, keep those updates coming!


  4. Dear Carlene,

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy that you are done with the chemo therapy!!!! I like the name of your new horse too!! I LOVE HORSES!!!!!!!!!!

    Your coz,