Thursday, November 18, 2010


Today I just found out that my blog has been keeping track of pageviews since about May of this year....I stumbled across it by accident but what I found was just amazing. I always wanted to put some type of view counter back when I first started the blog but couldn't figure out how. But since May 2010 to now my blog has had about 1,575 views...which to me is just mind blowing...and it makes me feel so humbled and blessed...and it also showed me all the countries that have viewed it and there were some from Japan, Germany, Lithuania (idk on spelling), and others but that is just crazy...I hope to all of you who read this...whether you know me or not...I hope it has and continues to provide you with inspiration and hope in all things :]
-So this a huge thanks to everyone who has viewed my is truly amazing...soooo..
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
It would have been even more mind blowing if this page viewer was available back when I started but in any case...thanks so much for your continuing support :)

-God Bless

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