Tuesday, December 14, 2010

And the Good News Continues...

I finally remembered to call the doctor's office today to check on the results of my echocardiogram that I had back around Thanksgiving. Good news...everything is still good and normal with my heart =] So now I have to schedule an appt with an ear,nose, and throat specialist to see if my dizziness has something to do with an inner ear infection. I also need to call CHLA and schedule my next re-check which should be sometime this month, but will probably be next month because I am so late in calling...I still have not gone down to see Gaynon after my last appt but as far as I know I am still in the all clear :)
In other more exciting news...I have finished my first semester of college!!! I am soo excited that I have 2 mths off for Christmas break before I go back for the spring semester. I have been baking almost everyday...I made mint-chocolate chip cookies, shortbread brownies, banana-chocolate chip mini cupcakes, and holiday almond bars. They were all delicious =] I have also been riding Levi because I have decided to do youth rodeo again starting in March.
If for some reason I forget to blog again (which I will try to remember ) have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

-Jesus is the Reason for the Season :]


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