Thursday, July 16, 2009


So on Friday the 3rd a limo came to my front door to pick us up. It was amazing and full of soda and a DVD player, but we didn't know to bring any DVDs. I sat next to Oli on the plane ride there. It was really pretty when we got into Utah. Our rental car was a Sequoia, or a really big SUV :) We went to The Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant, for dinner and it was delicious. Our hotel room was very cool because it had an ihome in it=) On the 4th we went to Provo's festival and walked around the park that was set up with vendors of all types. It was so big and so much fun. Then we went to our hotel and I took a nap to get ready for my big evening. When I woke up it was time to go to the concert. Our make a wish coordinator, Candace, met us at our hotel and then we drove to the Stadium, which was like a minute from the hotel. We rode into the stadium on golf carts and got badges to get us into the back. Our meet and greet coordinator was Stephanie and she introduced us to Kevin's fiancee Danielle. They gave us a goodie bag of basically everything you could buy at the merchandise stands. Everyone was very nice. As we were standing around waiting to go see the firework set up, the Jonas Brothers walked right past us and smiled and waved. It was sooo awesome. They were surrounded by a dozen body guards and one of them told us not to charge them. I guess we must have looked a little starstruck.

While we waited for the Jonas Brothers to finish with their meet n greet, we rode in golf carts up to the top of the stadium to see how the fireworks display is set up. There were soooo many and the fireworks people said I could push the button to start the whole show! After that, we went back down and waited for our chance to meet the Jonas Brothers. We kept hearing girls screaming so we would think they were coming back from another building, but there were a lot of false alarms until... THEY CAME. Stephanie walked over to them and motioned to us. I was sooo nervous!!!! We all shook hands and introduced ourselves and they were very nice and welcoming. Then I was able to ask them one question so I asked "What is your favorite song to perform?" Kevin said "World War Three", Joe said "Same, World War Three", and Nick said " Burnin' Up 'cuz every one sings along, what is yours?" I told them that my favorite was "A Little Bit Longer." Then I took some pics with them and Alyna, Oli, and Alicia stepped in too. They signed a photo album and a plaque for me. Then we all hugged and said our goodbyes. It was soo amazing! They were soooo friendly and easy to talk to.

After catching our breath, Stephanie showed us our seats. We were 19th row, floor right by the stage walkway! After She Daisy sang, I got to push the button to start the fabulous fireworks show and then the Jonas Brothers came out. Oli and Alicia were up at the stage the whole show but I couldn't find them in the crowd so I came back to my seat. I jumped and cheered and sang along the whole time. It was sooo awesome. I never wanted that night to end. After they finished singing there was the most spectacular fireworks show I have ever seen. I started sprinkling just as it started and it was awesome to see the rain and the fireworks at the same time! Because I was soo energetic on the 4th, the next day I did not feel well. I was weak and naucious. So we had to cancel the plans for the day and I watched movies in the room all day. On the 6th we flew home and I sat with Alicia. The limo picked us up at the airport and drove us home. The whole weekend was absolutely amazing and I'll never forget it!!!!! Thank you Make-A-Wish for making my dream come true!!!

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