Wednesday, September 2, 2009

No More Hat

Monday was the first day I went to school and didn't wear a hat. It felt really great and anyone who did say anything said my hair looked really nice. It's getting alot longer, I am soooo excited. I am still very exhausted but other than that I am doing great. I hope the fire stops soon and I hope no more homes or lives are lost. I also want the smoke to be gone by this Saturday for the gymkhana.



  1. I think your hair looks great! Very rockstar =D I miss you so much. But so glad I got to see you at Gracefest. If I wasn't still sick I would have stayed awhile longer with you. Hope to see you soon. Love you tons.

  2. Carlene,,,I am thanking God that he has directed me back to you...I just found this blog, read each entry,,,,You are amazing my Charlie Brown. Your Mother is a awesome mother...and to have such a supportive family and a deep faith...I kept having dreams about you, they only made me try so hard to find you for your birthday, I left messages I am sure at strangers houses. I had finally gotten back in touch with Amanda last year, but then End of DEc. my computers all broke...Silly me never got her phone number...I emailed her from the library to have her tell you happy birthday and that I had tried, but then never went back on line. This July my church gave me a computer, but never got on line until recently....The other day before finding you and all, I was going through boxes and low and behold I found an amazing tape....yes of you, Amanda and Mom,,,Oh my tears, no okay I am back....I cried when I saw it again...and I said outloud God please let me in contact with my Charlie Brown, my Mandolyn, and there mom yes...This is the honest truth, I said God please...Oh I have to send you a copy of this movie , you both so little singing dancing for me for Christmas your Mom sent it to me in Korea...
    Then today I looked up at a photo of my niece Kathleen and said God, they are the same age...I do not have a car, soon, I said God if I have wheels I can go up there,,,,then got on line and have tried on myspace before but nothing got on Facebook and Kathleen had photosof her role in a Good Man Charlie Brown, I said that is it....I know there has to be a way, now that I am on line, I will write Amanda and ask.. to have you all call me...Well, then I find Mom on facebook then you...I wrote Amanda right away, please tell me her hair is the style and that she was not sick? I hadn't heard yet from her, oh my the way I also told her She looks amazing with her hair shaved....and that is the honest truth,,,, have always been gorgeous...and have a heart of gold and you are refective of your love for God.

    I will put you on our prayer list at church, in Thanksgiving for your remission....God is Good....


    I love you so much Charlie Brown,,,,,,Carlene,,

  3. Tara...
    AHHHHH I am speechless ...your strength is humbling for so many including myself. "If we suffer we shall also reign with HIM 2 Timothy 2:12 "Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ" 2 Timothy 2:3
    God Bless you all...
    Love with a geniune renewed heart

  4. OH tara....Not taking No for an answer to the scarf you not only gave Carlene her rights back, but all that are disabled or sick..AMEN