Friday, October 23, 2009

Children's Appointment

So I have an appointment down at Children's next Friday. It's not a scan, like I thought. Instead they are doing a EKG, something to check my heart. Hopefully, it wont take that long. Then I see Dr. Gaynon on the 2nd for a check up.
Okay, this coming up Monday i am taking my drivers test, man i hope i pass the first time. I really want my license.
The leona valley pagent was incredible and everyone did amazing. Alyna did really awesome on Levi. I had so much fun running the flag for the last time, even though i was sad too. On coronation day, i wore an amazing dress that my mom and john designed. When i had to say my goodbye speech, i was a wreck. i was cryin even before i got on stage because of my jr. miss donna's speech.
I am sad that my year is over, but i am very happy for all the new queens.


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