Thursday, September 2, 2010

CT Scan

So today was my 3 month CT was set for 12:30...I got there right at 12:30 and like always...immediately sat down to wait. I did bring something to read to occupy my time but reading a biology book just isn't very exciting :) At about 1:15 ish they finally called me back into the CT prep area, where they put the IV in for the contrast during the scan...I was back in that room for about another 45 minutes but instead of reading biology I played with this box of toys they had back was very entertaining... Finally at about 2 o clock i went into the CT room and had my scan which took about 10 minutes...and then I left :] My Gaynon appt wont be until October because of my school schedule that was only time that wasn't conflicting with any classes.

Sunshine and Smiles

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  1. Always a long adventure! You didn't mention you drove to the appt!!!