Monday, August 16, 2010

Fair Time!!!!

Its that time of year again...Fair!!! This year my sisters and I are all showing a pig, lamb, goat, steer, and turkey. We have spent this entire weekend giving them all haircuts :] We take them to fair this coming Thursday and then have all the shows over the weekend. I am very excited that my energy level is back to normal so I can help out a lot more this year.

My next CHLA is Sep. 2nd and this time its for a CT Scan...and then a week or so after I'll go back down to see Gaynon. Since I start school next Monday...I'll most likely have some homework to occupy all the down time at the hospital :) and of course a book or two...right now I am really into Karen Kingsbury books...Her book 'Like Dandelion Dust' is being turned into a movie and I think its coming out sometime next month..anyways I strongly recommend any of her books...

Some of my other fav books are:

Walk 2 moons- Sharon Creech (i have read this book so many times i lost count)
The Last Song-Nicholas Sparks (i believe only great books can make u cry)
Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen (no explanation needed :0 )
Flipped- ? (i forgot the author...but its bein turned into a movie as well)
and any book from 'Love Inspired Romance' - my sister just gave me a bunch of em and there great

so theres some of my top books just so the next time u have some down'll have something to do :]

God Bless
Sunshine & Smiles

-I'll prolly post again after my CT

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