Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm Radioactive!!!!!

So today I got my PETScan and it wasn't that bad. First, the nurse had to check my blood, like Alyna, I didn't even feel it. Then, they sprayed my arm with this cold stuff so the IV wouldn't hurt. It didn't. They injected me with radioactive liquid and I to stay in my room for an hour so the door to my room was made of led and it weighed sooo much. I also had to drink contrast, which is nasty. I was a little worried that the PETScan was going to be a really long tube, that would probably make me panic and freak out.... but it wasn't. It was kinda like a CATScan, but with 2 donut machines instead of one. It took about 30 minutes and my nurse was super nice. John also took a bunch of pictures. These are of me with the PETScan machine. Thank you all for your continual support.



  1. Your doing awesome.
    Thanks for the updates.
    I worry and its nice to hear how you're
    Big, Big, Hug.

  2. OOO! that sounds scary you being radioactive., LOL It looks really interesting, I wish I didn't have school so I can be there with you! :)

    Good job! I know I have never had an IV before but Im sure it hurts!

    Hang in there!
    Love you
    From your sis!

  3. Aw no fair..I didn;t get anything when I had to get an IV..I had to go through the pain and u don't..lol...Good job sis..lol
    Love ya

  4. Markie wants to know if you glow in the dark. hahahahahaha We love youkido. Keep your head held high. Love, Marcia

  5. I absolutely love how you are always smiling!

  6. Carlene I am so sorry to hear about all this, but I have been following your blogs and your spirts are so high and I know you are going to be fine. I wish the best for you and your family.
    Thank you for keeping your blog up to date :)

    Your friend Bobbie De La Fuente, and family.

  7. Hey you! You make that the PRETTIEST "scary-looking" PETScan out there. You are the bravest 15-year-old I know. Did you get Jason's message on your cell phone? He sounded really cute. I miss you. Have you been riding?