Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January 14,2009

Today was my surgery where they took out the one enlarged lymph node on my neck for further testing. We were caught in traffic on the way down so we were about an hour late. Once I got there and  checked in a nurse took us back and I got to wear very comfy unmatching pants and gown. The nurse gave me a teddy bear but I couldn't take it out of the box so I just took my stuffed puppy Kiko, that Oli and Alicia got for me,everywhere.   Then we sat in another waiting room for a little while. Finally, they took us upstairs. They gave me some nasty tasting medicine to make me relaxed and calm. After about 15 minutes they rolled me away and thru the double doors.  Since I HATE needles (like many of you know) they put a mask over me and thats all I remember. When I woke up I had an I.V in me and all sorts of other things attached to me. The clock on the wall kept making double and it freaked me out. I guess I was acting loopy but to me it was perfectly normal. Now I am home and I feel fine just really hungry because all I had was some apple juice at 7:30 this morning. For dinner I had some broth and a roll, so I'm hungry. We'll know more by Friday and then I'll post it. Thanks again for all your support. I keep thanking God for having such loving and caring friends and family. 
I love you. -Carlene


  1. I am so glad you are home safe and sound. Wish I could be there with you. So tell me, was your broth barely warm and saltless? I miss you tons! You're number one in my prayers 'Lil Sis. Love you.

  2. Hey Carlene! I was on the phone with you right before they called you that's why you did so kidding..Well good luck on friday!
    I love you

  3. One day at a time ! keep up with the updates Carlene ! Rachel wants to know if you ever got the Penguin box with the surprise in it? hopefully the dogs didnt bury it someplace in the yard !
    See you soon... the bratskeys

  4. Sarah, Jack & I are with you all the way, Carlene! You MUST get better 'cause Jack is looking forward to seeing you again soon! You have all our love! --john gurley

  5. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
    I am glad you came out of surgery just fine;]

    Love, Delaney

  6. We're glad to hear that everything went well and that you're at home recuperating.

    We, and many others here, continue to pray for you.

    Aunt Laralee

  7. Hey Carlene
    I am so glad your surgery went well. We miss you at lunch so much! My prayers are with you and your family!
    Your friend Stephanie Lepas