Saturday, January 17, 2009


Braniac Olivia figured out how to include photos...she's the computer whiz in this family.  So we have added a few photos from our first two visits to the hospital.  Carlene enjoyed driving her bed and cuddling with her puppy that her sisters gave her to keep her company. Having Heather by her side was a true blessing!


  1. Hi Dear Carlene,
    This is Maya and Gene. We are looking at your beautiful blog and sending you cheerful wishes for your not so fun times these days. I (Maya)have had cancer, too. I know you will be fine--just like me. You are beautiful and so are your sisters. You are so brave. I know your school friends will be with you in spirit although they may not be able to be with you in person as much as they would like. Please say hi to your very handsome horse. BTW, my niece, now 18, nicknamed me "Penguina" when she was small. From your blog, it looks like you love Penguins.Love, Maya and Gene

  2. Hey 'Lil Sis,
    You are such a blessing to everyone who knows you. I can tell because of all the love and support you are getting. I wish more than anything, that I could be there with you too. Hold your hand, give you hugs...just spend time with you and our family. Hopefully I can come visit soon (Austin does have some vacation coming up) I am glad that Heather has been able to be there for you though. She's an amazing friend. I love you so much, Sweetie. Keep up your beautiful, bright and bubbly attitude. I'll call you soon.

  3. Hey Best Friend!
    I just wanted to say I'm glad I could be there for you and that I will be there throught all of this. I'm soo glad that you can ride! Even though you can't go fast or crazy. I just want you to know that we will get through this together and I will be there for you every step of the way! I am alway just a phone call away!
    Your the bestest friend EVER and I love you so much!!! <3