Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1st Day at Home

Day at home was not really a day at home...Carlene had a difficult night's sleep because of her constant cough, so I took her in to see our doctor...thinking this would be a quick trip to town and then back home again...wrong. He sent her over for a CAT Scan to get a full view of what's going on in her sinuses, then back to his office for the results...sinus infection! He had wanted to give her antibiotics via her port, but was unable to access it with the needles he had in his office so we ended up with oral meds (hopefully the port is not clogged!). We are hoping to get it under control before she becomes immune deficient. Just before leaving the office, Carlene decided to add a bit more drama to the day and almost fainted after all of the exertion and had to be helped back to a room where she rested a bit before heading home. Once we got her home, she ATE a whole tomato on a small salad with mushrooms slices that was drenched just the way she likes it with italian dressing. She also ate almost an entire Del Taco nacho and has been drinking gatorade. Before her most recent nap, she requested Tutu's delicious porcipine meatballs with mashed potatoes for dinner, which I have currently brewing on the stove. Now that her appetite is returning we are hopeful that her energy will too.

We have been contacted by the Make-A- Wish foundation who will be sending out some volunteers to interview Carlene for her top 3 wishes. She (and her sisters) came up with the following as one wish...go on a cruise to Hawaii with the Jonas Brothers...sound like my girls??? To help figure out your wishes they suggest to finish the following prompts:

I wish to be...
I wish to go...
I wish to have...
I wish to meet...

Carlene has thought about visiting Rachel Ray's set in New York, meeting the Jonas Brothers, going on a Disney cruise, and asking for a new horse trailer. If you have any other suggestions, let her know =)


  1. See I'm still keeping an eye on you. I hope that you get over the sinus infection soon. And please for me no more DRAMA!!! I just don't think I can handle it. But I do have to say you must be feeling kinda better because you are dreaming about the Jonas Brothers. Oh and you are actually having food cravings! Im so proud.

    Michelle Rn
    (the best overyly dramatic nurse you know)

  2. Oh I totally think she should get a cruise with the Jonas Brothers...or at least meet them....and take lots of pictures ;D
    And what a joy it must be to be a part of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, making kids dreams come true.

  3. How about coming to the Cowboy capital (Bandera TX) to see your long lost cousins?

  4. I think you should ask for your car you want!..That would be cool..Ask for the Jonas brother to be in it though so we could still meet

  5. Olivia's idea was my second idea too ;D

  6. Out of all I kind of like mine the best!!!! ;D If I beg, you'll come right? ;D

    Lot's of love,