Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I am so sorry for the limited information in the last post. I was using my new i phone and could not get it to work properly. I could only put in a heading and not anything else.

To get everyone up to speed...Carlene was feeling achy all over and had a headache throughout the day. Around 3:00 pm we called Children's for permission to take some Tylenol, they said as long as she did not have a fever. We checked her temp and it was 99.4, but she was bundled up on the couch in heavy blankets so we took them off and rechecked a short while later. This time it was normal at 98.6 so she took the Tylenol and we shrugged off the first reading as a fluke reading. At 10:00 pm she started aching again and her headache was worsening along with the chills. In the next 45 minutes her temp went from normal to 100.3. We called Childrens again and he said that if it went any higher to immediately take her to the closest ER. A few minutes later it was 100.5 and we left John and Alyna at home...much to John's dislike...and were on our way. The entire way to town (we live 25 minutes from civilization) she complained of having the chills and her headache was getting worse. I had been told by Childrens that she must not wait in a waiting room under these circumstances and should be rushed in immediately and isolated. I must say that AV Hospital did a phenomonal job of getting her back to triage and then into a private room, plus she was seen by the doctor immediately. They drew blood and did a chest xray. Her white blood count had dropped to 600 (5000 is the low side of normal) and her chest was clear. They started IV antibiotics and gave her pain medication. By 2 am she was set and ready for transport. That was the only wait of the evening. We finally arrived via ambulance at Children's at 5:30 am.

This morning at Childrens they ran more blood tests and her WBC is up a little to 900. We will be here for a minimum of 48 hours. Everything depends on her blood test results. They are running cultures on her blood which will show if she has any bacteria in her blood, if she does that would be a 7-10 day stay.

We do not have a private room this time, so there is not enough room for visitors. There is barely enough room for my chair that opens up into a lounger. Good news though is that she is not quarantined to her room this visit. We can go walk the halls and go to the teen lounge as long as she wears a mask. So far today, we have watched a movie and slept =)

I am very thankful that she did not just go to bed last night and sleep through her symptoms!


  1. Thanks for the update. I know it must be hard to find the time, especially when in a hospital. Hope to read good news tomorrow. Love you guys.

  2. It's good to know what's going on. I've been praying for you and I'm going to Bible Study this morning where we've been praying for you as well. So there are many prayers being lifted up. ;^)