Friday, April 10, 2009

Possibly Home Today

Her white blood count is now 8700...which is now within the normal range. We are waiting for her complete blood work to come back and for the doctor to come around on his rounds. This morning, the resident doctor thought it looked positive, but we have to wait for final approval for discharge from her doctor.

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  1. Carlene, I hope you are home as you read this. Your Grandmother Shirley wrote to us about your recent illness and she included the blog information. We met you about 9 years ago when you were 7. We were in California and had dropped in to see both Shirley and Bobby. Bobby was my mother's brother. It was good to see him again. And especially good to meet you and see your dad as well. I am including my email address -
    Please write and keep us informed. Your Grandmother did not include an email so assume she is not using a computer. We'd love to hear from you. We wish you well - in fact very "well". I'll be checking on you through the blog entries. Say hello to Dad and to Gram. love, Margo Poulin