Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blood Donation Info

Anyone planning on donating blood for Carlene (just in case she needs a transfusion) can do so at Children's Hospital. You must make an appointment with the blood bank and designate your donation for Carlene. I was told they will be able to store it for about 5 days on hold for Carlene, then if they have your permission will use it for another child before it expires.

Blood bank (323) 361-4200
Carlene Hadden: medical ID #1741858

Right now we can only use O- blood type, until she is typed, which they will not do until she actually needs blood.

Thank you for all of the support we have received! Be sure to let us know when you are coming down. We are staying just behind the hospital at the Ronald McDonald house and would love to see you! If you want to make a fun day for the family when you are down here, we are just around the corner from Griffith Park, the LA Zoo, Hollywood attractions, Universal City Walk, etc. If you have not been to the observatory plan that into your schedule. It is free to walk the exhibit and if you want to see a show, they are reasonably priced too. We have also gone to the Santa Monica Pier which without traffic is about 30-40 minutes away. =)

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