Tuesday, June 2, 2009

PETScan, Doctor Appt., Radiology... Oh My!!

Yesterday was a crazy but typical day down at Children's. After the rodeo on Sunday, Heather spent the night so she could come with me on Monday. We got up early and left the house at 5:45. Alyna got dropped at a friends so she could go to school and we arrived at CHLA at 7:20. After checking in they took us back into the "blue room." I have to wait an hour after I get injected with the radioactive stuff to go into the PET. I finished with the scan around 10ish and then we went up to the doctors to check in for my 10:30 appt. When we checked in they said that I would have to get my blood drawn but they didn't draw any. At 11:20 a nurse came and found us in the waiting room and asked if I had gotten my blood drawn, which I hadn't. So I quickly put the numbing cream on and waited....again. We were scheduled to talk to the radiologist at noon so my mom ran down there since we were running late. At 12ish they finally took my blood and told us to wait 40 minutes for the results. They gave us a pager and we went to eat lunch down at the cafeteria. After we ate, we went to the radiologist office at 1 and talked to the radiologist. We went back up to the doctor's office and got a room at 2. Then we saw the doctor for about 10 minutes and we got to leave. After our super long day we went out to eat ice cream at Thrifty's. It was delicious!!!


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  1. Hey girl! It sounds like you are doing great...feeling pretty good. I'm glad you are up and riding in the rodeos and that Heather is out of school for summer to hang out with you!

    I found a picture of you with Carter on Halloween of 2005. He was a horse...you were a dead Hippie! It's going in the scrapbook!

    Stay healthy...you're in my prayers!