Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Radiation #7, #8, & #9

This week radiation has been quick appointments like they are supposed to be. In and out in half an hour. This week we went to the fashion district in Los Angeles to try to find leather for a dress that I plan to make for Carlene. However, since she wants lime green it is going to turn into an internet search! Can you believe we found orange, but not lime green? Go figure...but, it would not be the same without the search...that's always the main part of any project with Carlene's colors=)

Last night John and Alyna went on a father/daughter date to the Griffith Observatory so Carlene and I could go to the Pantages theatre to see the Dirty Dancing play. We found out that 2 hours before the performance, they sell extra seats for $25 so we decided to try and get some of those seats and we got in! It was a well done show and we enjoyed some mother/daughter time away from everything! What an experience =) I particularly enjoyed driving 5 minutes back to our room instead of the usual 1 1/2 hours back home! That just topped off a great evening with a quick trip to my pillow =)

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  1. im from argenitina and im wishing u the best. hope u can get out of the illness, and be recovered the soon as u can.
    Im glad to be reading u are handling it quite well. ive read of this blog in john eaves blog.
    i guess sci fi connects people.

    best wishes from argentina land of meat and tango