Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hat Party Photos I've been promising!!!!

Me and Traci

Everyone and our paper hats

Me and Heather with my ribbon/bow hat.

Me and Alyna in our crowns.

Me very surprised and confused!!!!

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  1. Carlene and family: I just read an article about Carlene being Queen..and what she/you said was your goal to go to Quicy and attend school there. Well my eldest brother Jim lived there for years, he is a nurse and worked at the main hospital, he still has friends that are doctors and nurses there, and they are friends with one family that are like family to us all. Daughter 2 years younger then you, There mother Pat is a teacher there, there DAD has get this a lady bug if you are still planning I have connecions for you..I love it up there....