Friday, June 12, 2009

My first radiation appointment

We got to the radiology office at 10:30 but I didn't get called back until almost noon, because they had had trouble with one of the younger patients earlier in the day that needed to be sedated so that put them running late for my appointment. I laid in my body mold and the longest part was when they had to make sure I was in the right place. This time I brought my ipod with me so they could plug it in to the speakers and I could listen to it while I laid there. I started my play list on the Wicked soundtrack and they all loved that. After I was in the right place they did my treatment which only took about a minute or so. Since they have to radiate me from the front and back the whole machine swings around. Finally they told me I was done and I could move again... it was 12:55. I didn't move for almost a whole hour it was so uncomfortable and boring. I go back again on Monday at 1 o'clock. I should be done July 1. In the future my appointments will be much quicker. Today they had to finish the final touches to the blocks that protect my lungs so that is why it took longer.

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